Experience Southwest

Living, working and playing in Southwest Minneapolis gets better all the time. We continue to welcome new businesses to the neighborhood that add to the vibrant community we share.

There are so many places to enjoy, and there’s always a great event around the corner. From tastings and classes to sidewalk sales and more, expect the unexpected as you explore Southwest Minneapolis.

Experience Southwest is your connection to all that our local businesses have to offer. Whether you’re off on a routine errand run or looking for a mini vacation right in your backyard, Experience Southwest will help you make the most of living in Southwest Minneapolis.

Just for Businesses

Tucked in among the parks and lakes, you know Southwest Minneapolis is a charming, safe and inviting place to shop, eat, work and play. You chose to open your business here for many reasons, but one uniting theme we all share is that we believe in this community.

The Southwest Business Association works to infuse our neighborhoods with the vital energy needed for your business to thrive. From connecting with local neighborhood groups to connecting with Southwest Minneapolis fans on Facebook, we’re spreading the word on how great our local businesses are. Our association is also proactive in working with the city and other government agencies toward making Southwest Minneapolis the best place to do business, allowing you to focus on the details of making your business great. Learn more about the benefits of membership. Email us today at info@experiencesouthwest.com