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Milio's Sandwiches

Milio's Sandwiches

Milio\'s Sandwiches

When we opened our first store in 1989, we set out to do a few things differently. Food quality is different. Our bread is baked fresh, in the store, all day long - and after only 4 hours, it goes in the \"day old\" bin. Our vegetables don\'t arrive at the store pre-shredded and vacuum packed; they\'re delivered fresh and whole. Cheeses aren\'t pre-sliced. Our meats aren\'t low-grade, pre-sliced leftovers; they\'re premium selects. Nothing is prepackaged or microwaved, no zap-it and wrap-it here! Freshness and quality are never compromised at Milio\'s Sandwiches.

3813 W 44th St
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Neighborhood: Lowry Hill East
Phone: 608-662-3000